About our Weight loss Program

As Slim Fast is For Me?


How Do I know if Slim Fast is for Me?

Slim Fast Clinic treats patients with a wide range of weight-loss goals—from new moms looking to lose stubborn “baby weight” and menopausal women struggling to stop the weight from creeping up to obese men and women 16 years and older who has a BMI above or equal to 25.

If you have tried other weight-loss programs or diets and been unable to lose the weight and keep it off but are determined to improve your health and well-being, Slim Fast Clinic is for you.

Free Weight Loss Consultation

At your first visit, our Slim Fast Clinic Consultant/physician will review your medical and surgical history as well as your medications and check for any interactions with our weight-loss Program. We will also discuss your weight-loss goals. We will check your vitals including weight, height, BMI and blood pressure. Our Consultant/physician will interpret all the results to determine if the program is right for you. In some cases based upon the outcome of your evaluation, we will personalize the program to meet your needs and goals.

Starting the Slim Fast Weight Loss Program

Following the evaluation, if we determine that you are a qualified weight-loss patient, we will register you for the program, administer appropriate medication, walk you through our proven diet plan and discuss your daily food habits.