Hair Transplant FAQ`s

Hair loss and baldness is common for both males and females. Below are the frequently asked questions and queries.


What are the main causes of hair loss?

Genetic (male pattern baldness), chronic illness, hypothyroidism in females, stress, alopecia, skin infection in the scalp etc.

What are the options available for hair loss and baldness?

For hair loss, FDA approved drugs are available to stop the hair fall from 68% to 70%. For baldness hair Transplant treatments are available.

What are the medicines approved by the FDI to enhance hair growth and control hairfall and baldness?

Lotion Minoxidil, Tablet Finesteride, HairMax Laser comb, Any other medicine has very little effect in improving male pattern baldness.

What is hair transplantation (HT)?

Hair Transplant surgery is a day care process done under local anaesthesia. Hair roots are harvested commonly from the back side of the head and implanted in the recipient area. These implanted hair follicles will fall off within 15 to 20 days and will start growing naturally from the roots as new hair.

What is the time taken to perform the procedure?

Hair Transplant Surgery takes 5 to 6 hours.

Do I have to be hospitalized (admitted)?

Not required. You can go home on the same day after the hair transplant surgery.

Do I need to bring an attendee along with me during the day of the procedure?

Not necessary.

Do I need to undergo any blood tests before the procedure?

Yes, routine blood tests have to be taken. But this can be done on the day of the procedure at our hospital.

What precautions do I have to take before the procedure?

  •  Avoid alcohol 3 days prior to the hair transplant surgery.
  • Avoid taking multi vitamins like aspirin, blood thinners and anti coagulants 7 to 10 days prior to the hair transplant surgery.
  • Quit smoking 3 to 4 days prior the procedure. Smokers may have compromised hair growth.

If I am diabetic, can I go for transplant procedure?

Yes, provided Sugar levels are under control with medication.

Will the transplanted hair grafts fall off after the procedure?

Yes, up to 80% of the transplanted hair grafts will fall off within 15 to 20 days of the procedure, which is a natural phenomenon.

When can I Expect the hair growth?

5 to 6 months.

When can I wash my hair after the transplant?

From the 2nd day of the transplant, washing of the hair is necessary by strictly following your doctor’s instructions.

Can I cut/trim my hair or shave my head after the procedure?

Yes, absolutely. But only Shaving of the head is not recommended up to 1 month from the day of the procedure.

Any complications?

No side effects and no complications from the Hair transplant surgery if the patient is medically fit.

Temporary complications : Mild pain & swelling after 1 -2 days after the procedure, which is manageable by taking medication

Am I a right candidate to undergo the transplantation procedure?

Yes. Provided you have donor area.

Is this a painful procedure?

NO. You may have injection pricking pain which is very negligible. We take utmost care to avoid pain by administering twilight anaesthesia.

Can we talk to some of the patients who have undergone treatment with you?

Yes! Definitely. At any point of time you can talk to the patients undergoing the transplant procedure except on Sundays.