B&H™ VS other Products


B&H™ Hair Fibers – What it is?


  • B&H™ is a cosmetic product made from 100% real human hair that allows men and women to conceal the appearance of thinning hair and bald spots, giving the impression of more hair.
  • B&H™ does not re-grow hair or stop hair loss; rather, it is only a cosmetic product that hides baldness.
  • B&H is the only product using natural human hair. Nothing looks more natural than real human hair. we guarantee it
  • B&H™ is a quick, easy and painless way, to end the suffering and replace it with a full head of hair! Hair Loss hits Hard When you first realize youre hair is thinning, or balding, it’s hard not to feel affected. Regardless of age, for most of us, thinning or balding hair is a problem. So we look for solutions. And there’s no shortage of them from creams to dry powders … the bottomline is simple though. Nothing looks more natural than real human hair. The 1 ingredient found in B&H™.

From hair concealers to hair sprays, 99.99% of competitors products on the market are sub par … especially compared to the REAL human hair fibers found in B&H™ Hair Fibers.

The competition simply doesn’t get the job done with synthetic chemicals.


 B&H™ Hair Fibers Competition
100% Real Human Hair
Free of Animal Content
No Synthetic Dyes
Silica Free
Cotton Free
Wool Free
Amonium Cloride Free



B&H™ hair does something simpler. Using Real Human Hair Fiber, it electro statically bonds to your hair and scalp. Literally giving the ‘illusion’ of having a full head of hair. Look for yourself


B&H™ Hair, the only product with REAL human hair fibers. Takes minutes to completely change the way YOUR head of hair looks.