Does Hair Transplant In Pakistan Really Work?

Mar 18, 2012 by Noor Saeed

To lose your crown of magnificence can be very upsetting and it is now a common happening in Pakistan. Broadly categorized into male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. Male may experience baldness from late teens onwards, whilst female pattern baldness smashes at a later age. While, some balding patterns can be recognized to genetics, others can be categorized into lifestyle and Medical situations.


A hair transplant surgery that works for every individual, a one day procedure required 5 to 7 hours. As mentioned earlier, male pattern baldness has an earlier onset. Alopecia areata, generally thought to be an autoimmune syndrome. Patches of hair will fall in circular patterns in different areas of the scalp.

The next common hair loss problem is known as Androgenetic Alopecia. Besides of having an onset at age 18, hereditary factor must not be excluded. Telogen Effluvium Flaking (diffuse alopecia) occurs after the precedence of a stressful event or situation. Incidents occurring out of high fever, a surgery or childbirth can also trigger hair loss.


Hair Transplantation is the only permanent solution to restore the lost hair, the cost of hair transplant in Pakistan it too low with high standards of services and results, the prices are vary from 70,000/- to 120,000/- depending on the number of grafts.

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