FUE VS Strip Hair Transplant

FUE Hair Transplant vs. Strip Surgery Hair Transplant

 FUE VS Strip Surgery?

The decision to undergo hair transplant surgery is a big one for a number of reasons, one of which being whether to choose FUE or Strip surgery. In order for you to decide which option is most suitable for you, it is necessary to have an understanding of both types of surgery. The two options are forms of what is known as Follicular Unit Transplantation. This is the process of one follicular unit being transplanted at a time, thus providing a more natural appearance.

What distinguishes FUE and Strip surgery is the way in which the follicular units are collected. Whereas, with FUE grafts are taken individually from the scalp, Strip grafting takes several hairs at once. In addition, with Strip, part of the scalp, bearing hair, is detached and the follicular units extracted from there. Naturally, both forms of surgery come with their own advantages.

The FUE process comes with an abundance of appealing advantages. No cutting or stitching is required, therefore no scars occur and the healing time is minimized. Consequently, the risk of developing infections is reduced greatly. As the treatment is not visible FUE surgery is ideal for anyone who usually, or wishes to, style their hair short. As it is sometimes difficult to close incisions on people with tight scalps, FUE is perfect. On top of this, the actual surgery is a simple process, which requires only the surgeon and one solitary assistant.

The biggest advantage of Strip surgery is its cost, which is considerably lower than for FUE. In addition, in order to achieve the same result, fewer sessions are necessary. As the scalp is stitched following the removal of each area, doctors have the ability to harvest a greater amount of follicular units, thus allowing all to be utilized for grafting.

This is therefore superior to FUE, as follicles do not need to be left alone in order to prevent any bald patches/strips.

It is widely thought that follicular units achieved from Strip grafting are healthier than those from FUE surgery are. The reason for this is that, under the microscope, doctors can dissect and meticulously assess all grafts from the scalp. With FUE, it is necessary to extract each unit individually, which is generally a more challenging process.

As both FUE and Strip surgery options come with their advantages and the odd disadvantage, making a choice is not always easy. However, doctors are on hand to assist you in your decision