FUE Hair Transplant Scar-Free

Noor Saeed, Consultant/Patient Adviser
At “International Hair Transplant Institute”
URL: www.ihti.com.pk


FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a different technique that is from strip harvesting hair transplant, in FUE individual grafts are taken from the whole occipital region of the head. Hair restorative surgeon extracts each graft individually with a specialized device up to 1 mm in diameter, a process which does not create any surgical mark. After the hair transplant procedure only microscopic marks in the form of small red spots are left on the back (the donor area).However, within a weak period of time these small red marks healed and completely invisible.
FUE method is recommended for up to sixth degree hair loss as defined by the Norwood Scale. FUE is also highly suitable to post traumatic and post burn operations, as well as the Eyebrows restoration.
If a donor area has insufficient stock for strip hair transplant, than FUE method allows the extraction of grafts from different parts of the body i.e., Chest, Feet, and Back etc.
Using FUE Method one can extract up to 4,000 grafts in one day session. This surgery can consist of 2 sessions that take place over the course of two days. It is possible to extract up to 5000 grafts using FUE in one session.
In FUE procedure the surgeon extract only 3 hairs and 4 hairs grafts from the patient’s donor area, it is also possible to extract grafts from the body and beards if the donor is not sufficient.


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