‘Hair’ today, gone tomorrow

Noor Saeed, Mar 15, 2012,


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Stress is one of the key reasons for the surge in baldness among young people today,

It’s a fact everything that’s different surely stands out from the crowd and not necessarily always in a good way, for example baldness. People who suffer from baldness are teased, are the butt of all jokes and don’t find many way-out most of the time. And that’s because very few people can carry it. Today, the problem of balding is not limited to the elderly; in fact an increasing number of young people too are facing this misfortune.

Why does it usually occur?

Balding can happen because of a number of causes including aging, skin conditions, poor nutrition, certain medications, stress, and most commonly, genetic influences. The causes vary from individual to individual. When balding arises as a result of an inherited genetic disorder, it is referred to as Androgenic Alopecia, also known as Male Pattern Baldness.” If at the time you were born, the genes accountable for hair loss were present, you will probable experience hair loss upon reaching maturity. Opposing to popular trust, balding is not inherited from the mother’s father; rather, both parents contribute to a child’s likelihood of hair loss. Aside from a physical condition, men can bald typically anywhere from their late twenties to well in their later years.

Men vs Women

Androgenetic Alopecia (balding) is commonly seen in males because males don’t have the support of female hormone oestrogen.  The less hair you’ve got the more testosterone you have in your body. Bald men usually have higher levels of testosterone than other men. Women have very low levels of testosterone, so they are less likely to go bald.

However, nowadays even younger women are prone to balding due to extreme hair loss. “Women are generally prone to balding as they are more worried about their style and looks. Many damaging elements and advanced equipment’s are used for straightening as well as coloring hair. The excessive or regular use of these harmful products or equipment’s can lead to more hair loss in women.”


Hair Transplant surgery can help regrow hair when baldness is due to genetic thinning. We suggest natural extracts of plant which have DHT blocking properties and which does not interfere with the hormonal system is prescribed. As for home remedies, green tea acts as an excellent DHT blocker.

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