Hair Transplant Cost


How much does a hair transplant cost in Pakistan?


The cost of a hair transplant surgery with Beauty and Health Clinic is based on the price per graft, and the number of grafts required for your transplant surgery.


These number of grafts will be determined by an individual valuation with an Beauty and Health Consultant, who will evaluate the structure of your hair follicles, determine how many grafts are available to be transplanted, and how many will be needed for the attractive new head of hair you have been waiting for.


At Beauty and Health Clinic, the cost per graft varies from Rs.40 to Rs.50 per graft. However, you can save on the price per graft as the size of your surgical procedure increases.


All Beauty and Health Clinic patients receive an unparalleled level of facility and continued care with the cost of their hair transplant procedure. In addition to our unmatched service, our artistic and scientific expertise makes your hair transplant a sound investment in your confidence and quality of life.




For a Strip Hair Transplant Surgery:


Rs. 40 Per Graft

For a FUE Hair Transplant Surgery:


Rs.120 Per Graft


The maximum number of grafts for a 1-day procedure is 2,500 to 3,500 based on individual assessment.


Repair Cases:


A Repair Case involves corrective work for patients who have had a previous unsuccessful hair Transplant surgery at another center. The cost for all repair cases is Rs. 60/graft.




Fees are subject to change without notice.