Hair Transplant in Pakistan Cost

Hair Transplant in Pakistan Cost

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The cost of hair transplant has can vary from Surgeon to surgeon depending on many factors including experience and facilities of the hair transplant center. The good news is that the cost of hair transplant in Pakistan has actually come down significantly over the past 3 years with the average cost of 35 to 60 rupees per graft.

Many hair transplant surgeons will charge less per graft as the grafts numbers need to be moved increases. Let say, a small session of 1000 to 1500 grafts case might charge 60 rupees per graft, but the center may drop the cost per graft to 40 or 35 rupees if the patient needs 3000 to more grafts in a single session.

It is very important to never let the price be you only deciding factor when choosing a hair transplant in Pakistan. Many hair transplant clinics in Pakistan advertise 35000 rupees for a 3000 grafts surgery to attract hair loss sufferers. These clinics are usually run by untrained, unskilled and unethical physicians to perform the surgery, and even they don’t follow the sterilization standards and may lack of latest facilities. Do not fall into this trap.

So again, the most important factor in choosing a hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan is finding someone who makes you comfortable in all aspects of the process.




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