Noor Saeed: Consultant/Patient Adviser

at international Hair Transplant Institute


Hair fibers are such a well recommended hair concealment product it is not unexpected there are many different trademarks and copycats of BioTHik Hair Building Fibers. However BioTHik offer patent-pending benefits over other products, even well-known branded products like Toppik, that’s why many professionals in the field of hair loss say that BioTHik Hair Building Fibers offer a much better result Continue Reading →

Hair Building Fibers

Hair Building Fibers will make you look better and feel better instantaneously. Then with your smile reinstated, you can go out and explore the more expensive and involved hair loss treatments described below. Hair Fibers can even be used along with other treatments. They’re the safest, fastest and least expensive of all your options. Continue Reading →

Hair Building Fibers “BioTHik”

BioTHik Hair Building Fibers is the most popular hair thickening product in Pakistan. Once you view the before and after pictures and the videos on this site, you will be surprised by the thick look of thin hair accomplished by this product. BioTHik is applied to the thin hairs, and provides an immediate thickening effect to the hair. Continue Reading →

Hair Building Fibers is a topical treatment mainly used to cover up the bald spots, thinning hair and also to cover up gray hairs as well. To get a natural look it is important to select the exact hair concealer/hair building fibers shade. Hair concealer/hair building fibers comes in different forms like spray, lotion, and powdered. Continue Reading →

The Causes of Female Hair Loss

There are many reasons for hair loss in female some of the common causes are:

1.)    Childbirth:

Many females start losing their hair after pregnancy. This occurs because during the pregnancy period estrogen levels and progesterone levels rise. Continue Reading →

Low Level Lasers used for hair loss treatment

Compiled by Noor Saeed (consultant/Patient Advisor)

Reported Studies of LLLT in Hair Loss (Man & Woman)

NOTE: These medical studies are abstracts of reports submitted by various medical professionals. In these attempts various light sources, including lasers, have been used to grow hair and stop hair loss since the 1950′s. Some of these studies have included light sensitive drugs. These studies are not presented here.

Professor Andre Mester (1964) Continue Reading →

Laser Comb

HairMax Laser Comb 

Laser is a newest and modern technology developed in 1960’s based in optics, spectroscopy, significant electronics and electric technology. Its appearance marked a great innovation in medical science in 1980’s. Laser has been widely applied in many medical fiends. HairMax laser comb series is developed by Lexington for hair loss and hair regrowth and also approved and cleared by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) USA. Continue Reading →

What is hair?

Actually hair is a part of the skin that has its own specialized function. The human body is covered in hair, except on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, genitals, eyelids and lips. Hair keeps us warm, and also protects some of our body areas, such as nose and eyes, from dust. The hair texture, color, curl, length, and thickness depend on genetic factors. Continue Reading →