Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent

The Myth Behind Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Since you’re searching for Laser Hair Removal, you, like so many, are on the quest to rid yourself of annoying and often irritating body hair.  But the real question is… “Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

The simple answer is: Laser hair removal does provide permanent hair reduction.

We are reducing the number of hair follicles that produce hair and we are able to reduce them by about 80%. For some reason, some follicles just won’t go away but 80% produces a huge reduction for you. What is misleading is that some providers will tell you that you will 100% hair free.

We know from years of experience that you should achieve about an 80% reduction in hair leaving you with a few slow growing fine hairs in any given area. The one exception to this is the face and neck and for a more detailed description of this please refer to our section on laser hair removal for facial hair.


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Just like your black shirt absorbs the suns heat in the summer, the color in your hair absorbs heat from the laser. Through this absorption the heat enters the hair follicle either damaging it or destroying it.

Now the follicle is either destroyed or can only produce a slower growing fine hair. So, while it is called laser hair removal, you can see we aren’t actually removing hair, we are permanently reducing your number of hair follicles and their ability to make hair.

Laser hair removal is a process and you will need to return for multiple treatments for the best results. Since 2002, all of our laser hair removal packages have included 8-sessions.  The treatments are done at 3-week intervals. It is important to note that our patients from as early as 2002 are still enjoying their permanent hair reduction and we often see patients from many other facilities with substantial re-growth.

A single laser pulse treats hundreds of hair follicles in a fraction of a second, which means that a visit to our office for a laser hair removal takes just a few minutes out of your busy day.

After completing 8-session our patients typically see anywhere from a 75% to a 90% permanent hair reductions in the area that is treated.  Permanent meaning those hairs will never grow back.

The 10% to 25% of hair that could possibly remain is much different from the hair that you begin with.  Those hair follicles while not completely destroyed are damaged, and by damaged we mean the follicle has reduced in size, so the hair that it can produce is much finer, appears lighter in color and grows back very slowly, making maintenance very easy.