Laser Comb

HairMax Laser Comb 

Laser is a newest and modern technology developed in 1960’s based in optics, spectroscopy, significant electronics and electric technology. Its appearance marked a great innovation in medical science in 1980’s. Laser has been widely applied in many medical fiends. HairMax laser comb series is developed by Lexington for hair loss and hair regrowth and also approved and cleared by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) USA. Continue Reading →

What is hair?

Actually hair is a part of the skin that has its own specialized function. The human body is covered in hair, except on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, genitals, eyelids and lips. Hair keeps us warm, and also protects some of our body areas, such as nose and eyes, from dust. The hair texture, color, curl, length, and thickness depend on genetic factors. Continue Reading →