Weight Loss

Slim Down Instantly Quick weight loss Program:

If someone have had difficulty managing diet at home, a more planned and disciplined weight loss program may be what you are looking for. The Slim Down Instantly weight loss is capable to achieve significant weight loss with our unique formulation, and nutrition diet program. If you are a busy person with little time to manage exercise and food this is the perfect program for you.
One big factor that has subsidized significantly to the weight gain epidemic in Pakistan is the overabundance of food choices. The Restaurants and markets are filled with a dizzying selection of foods that make healthy choices almost impossible. The Slim Down Instantly quick weight loss program gives you a break from the unhealthy food choices, no need to worry about what you are going to eat for lunch or dinner. Not having to make this decision every day is described by most people as a welcome relief. Furthermore, the money saved in not going out to eat is a nice, unexpected bonus.
With our unique weight loss program, client’s loss up to 1.5 pound daily. We are able to achieve all this with a careful combination of nutrients that, first and foremost, allows your body to receive all the nutrients it needs. Second, the nutrients are low enough in caloric content to allow for a nice weight loss. People experience little to no hunger on this reduced calorie diet, but if hunger is an issue, an appetite suppressant may be prescribed.


Weight loss program in Islamabad



• Average weight loss 5- 8 lbs/week
• Meet with our weight loss trained physicians/Consultant to understand your dietary habits and nutritional requirements.
• Receive easy to follow guidelines, to help manage your appetite and hunger.
• Follow up with our staff every 1 week, but feel free to come as frequently as every day.
• Appetite suppressants may be prescribed to cut down on hunger and to make the weight loss process easier.