What Is Hair Concealer/Hair Building Fibers?

Hair Building Fibers is a topical treatment mainly used to cover up the bald spots, thinning hair and also to cover up gray hairs as well. To get a natural look it is important to select the exact hair concealer/hair building fibers shade. Hair concealer/hair building fibers comes in different forms like spray, lotion, and powdered.

When buying hair building fibers, it’s important to choose the accurate color. Hair building fibers comes in a range of different shades, and it is not possible that the hair building fibers color matched the standard color of hair. But matching the hair building fibers color with hair roots is more important, as it makes the color look more natural.

Different varieties of hair building fibers/ concealer can be found in the market, and what works best for one person may not work well for another. Hair concealer ranges from spray, lotions and powders. Each hair concealer types have its own advantages and disadvantages. Like, sprays can be messy and difficult to apply with fastidiousness in the desired areas and so on.

Lotions disadvantage is that they take extra time to use because they need to be allowed to set and dry application. The advantage of using lotion is that fibers spread easily over the scalp, which helps when covering large areas. The main difference between use methods for loose and pressed powders is that loose powders are often sprinkled on, while pressed powders are applied with an applicator. Neither powder inclines to have as much staying power as sprays or lotions, nor do loose powders have the added disadvantage of being enormously messy to apply. Both forms of hair concealer powders have the advantage of being able to blend different shades together for personalized color matches.

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