Why are BioTHik better than other hair fiber camouflage products in Pakistan?

Noor Saeed: Consultant/Patient Adviser

at international Hair Transplant Institute

URL: www.ihti.com.pk

Hair fibers are such a well recommended hair concealment product it is not unexpected there are many different trademarks and copycats of BioTHik Hair Building Fibers. However BioTHik offer patent-pending benefits over other products, even well-known branded products like Toppik, that’s why many professionals in the field of hair loss say that BioTHik Hair Building Fibers offer a much better result

Heavy Fibers:

Other hair fibers, even from respected brands we won’t name out of professional courtesy, are made with materials like rayon and cotton. Many fibers are cut in long lengths leading to irregularities and heavy fibers. Heavy fibers don’t bind to the thin hair well and can weigh down your own hair, and in most cases can even be clearly visible.

BioTHik fibers are made using a unique protein molding system that produces perfect, ultra-thin keratin fibers every single time. Each fiber is identical and designed to be as fine as possible. Under a microscope, un dyed BioTHik fibers are almost indistinguishable from real hair.

Color matching:

Many other fiber companies don’t have a wide variety of shades, and their fibers can’t be mixed in well, which makes them more noticeable and less natural looking. Rayon and cotton don’t accept dyes the same way keratin does, and so even when dyed the right color, rayon or cotton fibers won’t look the correct color or as natural as BioTHik Hair Building Fibers.

Only BioTHik Fibers have these patent-pending manufacturing processes which allow the easy blending of a close matching shade to any hair of similar shade.
Dye Locking:

BioTHik Hair Building fibers Pakistan have been tried in rain, and even soaked in water overnight without the dye running. As BioTHik will come off in the shower or bath, you will never have a problem with the color running thanks to our dye locking system which locks the dye in, even when soaked in water. However, when developing our dye system we also tested competitor products, and they didn’t have the same system or the same performance, we couldn’t find a product that didn’t leak dye when soaked.
Dye running isn’t just a problem in the rain; sweat can also cause dye to run if it hasn’t been locked in firmly, if the dye started coming out it would leave obvious marks running down your face and stains on clothing. Even if BioTHik are removed from the hair, the dye won’t run thanks to the dye-lock system and so they can be easily brushed off without leaving marks.

Electrostatic Charge Binding:

Without disbelief the most important part of making a hair fiber product look good and really camouflage hair loss is strong binding to each hair strand. That’s why BioTHik has concentrated research into this area.
BioTHik Hair building Fibers are the market leaders in both quality and innovation. BioTHik fibers are constantly developing, and will always be ahead of the competition.

For the best hair camouflage, use hair fibers. For the leading hair fibers, try BioTHik Pakistan.



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